Our Work

Making budgets that work
Working with an experienced adviser to identify options, choices and priorities will help you to create a manageable budget for yourself or your family. This will ensure that you can cover your essential costs and plan for other events or things that you want to buy.

Helping you work out a plan to become more financially independent
Creating a cash flow will help you to stay on track and plan for future costs. We help with these too. A Cashflow predicts money needed over a period of time and allocates weekly spending to ensure the money is available when you need it.

Negotiating with creditors: Banks, Loan Companies, Power Companies and Debt Collection Agencies.
Getting behind with payments can be scary and sometimes people feel harassed by angry phone calls or letters from creditors. We can help you talk with these people to see if a new arrangement that you can manage can be agreed on.

Assisting with debt solutions as well as insolvency procedures
Reducing payments, consolidating debt, increasing income, reducing spending, accessing Kiwisaver Hardship – (if appropriate), are all ways of dealing with debt that we can advise on or help with. If all options appear to be exhausted then we can help you with information on insolvency including Summary Instalment Order, No Asset Procedure and Bankruptcy. We help people to apply if this is what they want.

Connecting with other community organisations that can help
Some people have complex needs and we have good relationships with many community agencies and Government Services. We are willing to help you find extra help if you need it.

Ministry of Social Development: www.msd.govt.nz
Work and Income: www.workandincome.govt.nz
Inland Revenue Department: www.ird.govt.nz
Insolvency & Trustee Service: www.its.govt.nz
Sorted.org: www.sorted.org.nz
Working for Families Package: www.workingforfamilies.govt.nz
Power Switch: www.consumer.org.nz/powerswitch
Charities Commission: www.charities.govt.nz
Family and Community Services: www.familyservices.govt.nz
Strengthening Families: www.@strengtheningfamilies.govt.nz
Volunteer Wellington: www.volunteerwellington.org.nz