Community Education

We provide community education sessions and tailor the information provided to each group. We currently provide community education sessions for:
• New Refugee migrants and associated services
• Addiction Services
• Medical Students
• Mental Health Services
• Work and Income
Each session is designed to give people advice, introduction to skills and information about where to go for help when people are in financial difficulty. Sessions can be arranged with other community groups. Please contact us to discuss this.

Workplace Education

Managing money well and avoiding debt is a key component of wellbeing. Our workplace education package encourages and teaches healthy behaviour with money to reduce stress and worry. This is offered to employers as a component of providing a caring and healthy workplace. Money worries do affect staff performance. This package will offer people on your team of staff with solutions in a non - threatening and practical way.

The free one hour presentation to groups of working people within the workplace is called Dollars and Sense.

The session provides
• Advice
• Tools
• Access to ongoing support
- to help people resolve money worries and feel more confident with managing their money.

If you think the staff in your employment would benefit from this information then we would be happy to meet with you to discuss this.


What you need to bring to an appointment:
• Please bring full details of your income or income for your household including paid employment, WINZ or other sources such as Working for families, Family Tax Credits.
• Please also bring current details of any loans or debts including unpaid bills. Ensure that loans/ credit card statements show the total owing to date and also show expected regular repayment details – weekly, monthly etc.
• It may be helpful to also bring copies of loan agreements that you have signed.
• Please bring copies of all your bank statements for the last 2 months.

How long will it take?
We see people for booked appointments. They can take up to 1 ½ hours. We may need you to see us for further sessions. This depends on the nature of each person’s circumstances but we are willing to keep on working with you until solutions have been found.